Cyrus Amiera Bounces Back From Failure

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KUALA LUMPUR – With so many online vendors selling a variety of Baju Kurung, Baju Melayu, skirts, palazzo pants and also the ubiquitous Muslim women’s jubah, Nur Ana Baharudin feels she too must join the bandwagon.

Using the brand name Cyrus Amiera, Nur Ana or Miera, unveiled her own syariah-compliant jubah designs online recently.

Cyrus Amiera collections are made using non-sheer French Crepe and designed to be wudhuk and breast-feeding friendly. It offers a selection of pre-order jubah and kurta shirts available in various sizes from XXS to 10XL.

The mother of two children, Cyrus DzulQarnain Adi Herman, 5, and Hannah Zulaikha Adi Herman, 2, began to consistently make the pre-order jubah since a year ago.

She decided to do it seriously due to her passion in fashion design and the difficulties she faces to find jubah that fits well with her petite frame. At that time, Nur Ana was also breast-feeding her children, so finding jubahs that allow her to do that was of utmost importance.


“I started my small scale online business by selling baby wear and then coconut oil products in 2010. Slowly I also started to sell scarves by becoming a stockist for that particular brand.

But I was not satisfied with what I was doing at that time, I wanted more income plus I was also pregnant with my first child at that time,” Miera told Bernama Lifestyle and Youth in an exclusive interview recently.

She used to work in the public sector before, Miera said, and while working she was also taking the Office Management and Technology course at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam as an effort to get a promotion and a raise to support her growing family.

In 2013, Miera was pregnant again with her second child, Hannah Zulaikha, and she felt she needed to start a business rather than just rely on her monthly salary.

“My husband Adi Herman Ab Basir is the biggest supporter of my passion. We work together selling various products online to raise our small family,” said Miera.


When asked the reason she quit her government job, Miera said “My children. As a mother I want to give the best for my children and the best is for me to raise them on my own.”

Miera said that was the best decision she had made, giving her the satisfaction that could not be described by words. “It’s so precious when you wake up and open your eyes, the first thing you see is your child beside you. So I must say I’m more satisfied doing my own business rather than working for other people,” she added.

Regarding her online business, Miera said they did not take up any loans to expand the business, instead they used the money that they have saved.

“Before Cyrus Amiera, we used AmieraHijab as our brand name. We received a lot of orders but at the same time we were also cheated by unscrupolous people. We lost almost RM60,000 within six months. All gone in a blink of an eye,” Miera shared.

Taking a step back from that traumatic experience, Miera and her husband discussed the strategies to move on. As a result, they rebranded to Cyrus Amiera. “We plan to hire agents to market our products after Hari Raya. Next year our target is to open a physical boutique for our customers’ convenience,” said Miera.


From health and beauty products Miera eventually settled on syariah-compliant clothings. “For about two years we tried to use various textiles to cater to our customers’ needs.

Now I’m glad that I found that French crepe is more suitable for my Jubah collection. The material is cooling, soft, and easy to iron as well as suitable for any occasion,” Miera added.

It is also affordable, said Miera, compared to other high-quality textiles.

“Our jubah collection is unique because customers can pre-order them and request their preferred designs and details for the whole family,” she said.

Cyrus Amiera collection can be viewed at Instagram: @cyrusamiera_ or Whatsapp: 0193314022 for pre-order.