Cyber Threat: Increased Security In 10 Critical Sectors

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KUALA LUMPUR – The government has increased cyber security for Critical National Information Infrastructure, covering 10 critical sectors, says the communications and multimedia (MCMC) ministry.

It said the measures were implemented by the National Security Council which oversaw the National Cyber Security Policy.

“These initiatives focus on improving the resistance of relevant, and boosting the level of security and preparedness in facing and combating cyber threats and attacks.

“This is to ensure the country is always prepared to face any kind of cyber attack, including curbing threats from hacking, botnets, web-defacement, information theft and spying,” the MCMC said in a written reply distributed in Parliament today.

The 10 critical sectors comprise the government, health, banking and finance, information and communication, water, energy, as well as defence and security.

From the aspect of capacity development, the MCMC said the initiatives stressed on developing expertise and building up a culture of security among staff and the public.

The ministry said the Communications and Multimedia Commission Network Security Centre conducted scheduled cyber drills for the communications sector.

“This is to ensure the preparedness and efficiency of the related sectors in tackling cyber attacks, in an effort to provide an internet service which is secure for consumers,” the ministry said. – BERNAMA