Cruisers Sailing High In The Caribben

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HAVANA – The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has reported that nearly 26 million travellers from around the world will enjoy a cruise ship trip this year according to recent estimates.

This figure surpasses the 25.3 million visitors planned by late 2016, a year in which expectations were also exceeded, and Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise company in the world, transported about 11.5 million passengers, a 35 percent majority of which chose the Caribbean destinations, a region that now includes Cuba.

According to CLIA President, Cindy D’Aoust, one of the reasons for the cruise industry’s continued success lies in its ability to personalise customers services around the world, according to the report of the specialized website Caribbeannews.

Ports and starting points for cruise ships in Cuba are located in Havana, Cienfuegos, Casilda, Punta Frances, Maria la Gorda and Santiago de Cuba, although destinations and terminals are expected to increase to develop this important mode of leisure, which yields large dividends in the Caribbean region.

Companies and travellers of this kind of recreation highlight the Caribbean island as a very attractive destination thanks to its natural resources (especially beaches), historical values, climate and cultural and heritage wealth.

The inclusion of Havana in the Caribbean voyages of authorised American companies, including Carnival, has also had good results.

The number of operations of the northern companies towards Cuba increases, even though the North Americans are prohibited from doing tourism here due to the blockade Washington has imposed against the island, a reason why they are invoked to categories approved by the Government.

The economic impact of the arrival of cruise ships to Cuban ports has been favourable in recent years, coinciding with the expectations of the local Transport and Tourism authorities, who expect to receive in 2017 about 4,200,000 international visitors in all modalities of travels.–BERNAMA-NNN-PRENSA LATINA