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Court Orders Man To Three Months’ Public Service….Over Putu Mayam

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Food has now become a sensitive subject as it potentially sparked argument rather than bringing people together. Remember the famous fight we had with Indonesia over popiahs (spring rolls)?

Today, a man was being ordered by a magistrate’s court here to serve three months’ public service for causing damage to a food stall over, of all things, the price of putu mayam (string hoppers).

First reported by The Star, M. Thinagaran, 18, pleaded guilty to injuring Indian national C. Krishnamoorthy, 28, when he threw a rock at him at 9am on Feb 16 at a roadside food stall in Jalan Lorong Sentul Pasar.

According to the statement of facts, Thinagaran was seen swearing at Krishnamoorthy, before throwing the rock at his head.

He also threw a tin of condensed milk but the injured man managed to dodge it.

The thrown objects also caused damage to Krishnamoorthy’s stall.

Asked by magistrate Ashraf Rezal Abdul Manan why he got into the fight, Thinagaran claimed Krishnamoorthy was the one who started it.

“I asked him how much a putu mayam cost and he said 80 sen for one.

“I told him mine sells at three for RM1.

“He got mad, we started arguing, and he struck me with the metal scraper used in the making of roti canai,” said Thinagaran, adding that he was “avenging himself”.

He claimed he tried to lodge a report against Krishnamoorthy, but the nearby police station’s system was down.

Thinagaran, who was unrepresented, pleaded for a milder sentence, saying he had surrendered himself and was regretful over the incident.

He also claimed to have a mental condition.

Deputy public prosecutor Noor Jazilah Mohd Yushaa urged for a punishment that would teach Thinagaran a lesson.

The offence under Section 324 of the Penal Code for intentionally causing a potentially fatal injury carries a maximum 10 years’ prison term.

Ashraf Rezal chose to spare Thinagaran from serving time in prison, saying incarceration should be avoided in the case of youthful offenders.

“However, as the crime involved violence and resulted in injury, a bond of good behaviour would be inappropiate,” he ruled.

He invoked Section 5 of the Offenders Compulsory Attendance Act 1954, and ordered Thinagaran to do four hours of public service daily for three months.

Putu mayam is a classic Tamil dessert which consists of mixing rice flour with water and/or coconut milk, and pressing the dough through a sieve to make vermicelli-like noodles. These are steamed, usually with the addition of juice from the aromatic pandan leaf (screwpine) as flavouring.

The noodles are served with grated coconut and jaggery, or, preferably, gur (date palm sugar). In some areas, gula melaka (coconut palm sugar) is the favourite sweetener.-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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