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Court Dismisses Application To Suspend Damages Payment To Johan ‘Raja Lawak’

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The High Court here today dismissed an application by a drama and film director and his company for a stay of a court order compelling them to pay RM170,000 in damages comedian ‘Johan Raja Lawak’ and his wife.

The payment was for damages awarded to the comedian, whose real name is Mohammad Yazid Lim Mohamad Aziz and his wife, in a defamation suit filed by the couple against the director and his company over injuries sustained four years ago.

Judge Su Geok Yiam dismissed the application in chambers, in the presence of lawyers Suhaimi Saad, representing Johan, and Baljit Singh for Mohd Javed Mohd Nizar and Juara Filem Production Sdn Bhd.

Suhaimi told reporters that the court dismissed the application with costs of RM5,000, and ordered Mohd Javed and his company to pay the damages within 31 days from today.


On July 7, Su ordered Mohd Javed and his company to pay damages of RM100,000 to Mohammad Yazid for the permanent scars on his face, RM100 for medical report and medication, at five per cent interest from the date the suit was filed until its disposal.

The court also ordered both the defendants to pay damages of RM20,000 to Johan’s wife, Rozlinawaty Ismail, for the trauma she suffered.

Mohd Javed and Juara Filem Production Sdn Bhd were also ordered to pay legal costs of RM50,000 to the couple.

On July 18, 2010, Johan, 29, and his wife, also known as Ozlynn Wati, 32, failed a suit of RM1 million against the two defendants claiming that Mohd Javed had assaulted and hurled a drinking glass at Johan, which caused him to suffer an injury on the forehead.

In the statement of claims, Johan stated that Mohd Javed flipped their table out of anger and that he (Johan) was also punched in the eye by a production crew known only as Halim.

Johan also claimed that Mohd Javed and Halim continued to hit and kick him, and when his wife tried to stop them, she also had her share of their brutalities.

The two plaintiffs demanded RM1 million in general damages, together with special damages, costs and other relief deemed fit by the court. – BERNAMA

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