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Complaints On Merciless Killing Of Dogs Are On The Rise

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IPOH – Stray dogs are being deliberately poisoned and discarded at several areas here.

Four dead dogs were found in a monsoon drain in Pasir Pinji recently.

In another case, five dogs were discovered with blood in their mouths and tongues sticking out near the Gunung Rapat wet market yesterday.

“The bloodied mouth and tongue sticking out are signs of poisoning.

“There were no signs of physical injuries,” Persatuan Bomba Komuniti Pekan Baru chief Toh Ching Keat said.

“I’ve come across countless poisoning cases in other areas, including Menglembu and Ipoh Garden,” he told a press conference yesterday organised by Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Jimmy Loh.

As for the dead dogs that were found in the drain about two weeks ago, Toh said they tried to remove the carcasses earlier but heavy rain hampered their task then.

“The monsoon drain overflowed, so we waited until the next day to remove them,” he added.

Malaysian Kennel Association committee member Lau Yit Meng said he had been getting complaints and reports of this merciless killing for some time now but the situation seemed to be worsening.

“I’ve received more than 10 reports in the past few weeks. Those who want to give up their pets should try to come up with other ways rather than to kill or discard them,” he said.

“Maybe they can try selling the animals back to the pet shops or approach fruit orchard owners whether they would like any guard dogs,” he said.

Loh said Malaysians who planned to have pets should think hard about the matter because it was a huge responsibility to care for an animal.

“Some of these so-called pet lovers only want them for a while. When they get bored, they would simply abandon the animal. If you’re not ready to get a pet, don’t do it,” he said.

The state government and local authorities, he said, should come up with better measures to minimise incidents of unwanted pets being discarded.

“Some of the non-governmental organisations here are doing neutering programmes, which I think can help lower the number of strays,” he said. – The Star Online


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