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Colourful Armpit Hair Is The Must-Have Of The Season, Apparently

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If there’s one thing that us girls go crazy for, it’s pastel hair. We’ve cheered on celebrities who have taken the purple plunge. We’ve got tips galore on turning yourself into a unicorn head. We’ve even taught you how to go from pastel princess back to your natural hue. But, for all of our obsessing with all things fairy-hair, there’s one direction we never saw the trend go in.

Gird your loins, folks: The ladies are dying their armpits pastel. It’s true. All over Instagram and Tumblr, women are showing the results of their decisions to go shave-free.




But, instead of the normal hair Mother Nature gave them, they’re creatively taking the opportunity to dye their underarms. Apparently, this “trend” isn’t all that new. “It’s been around for a little while,” says Anna Biotics, who started her Instagram page Lady Pit Hair about a year ago.

The page documents the underarm hair of anyone who identifies as a woman. “Some of it just happens to be colourful,” she says. Biotics first dyed hers about a year ago with some friends. “We had some bleach and some purple dye, and we just went for it,” she says. And, while the results may be aesthetically pleasing, there are some setbacks to the process. “If you use bleach that’s too strong, it burns. The dye gets everywhere,” she says. And, she adds, “Every time your armpits sweat, you get coloured pit stains.”

When asked why ladies are doing this, she says: “Why not? It’s definitely part of an alternative culture that’s doing something different, but most people just do it for fun because they can.” She notes that a lot of people who hop on the pastel-hair trend like to dye their pits to match, taking the “carpet matching the drapes” joke to a whole new level.

But there are some women who do it to raise awareness for causes. “Some of my followers have dyed their underarms pink for breast-cancer awareness,” she says. And, it’s another way to shirk cultural body-hair norms and embrace your natural self


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