Cigar Lovers Attend Event In Cuba

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HAVANA – An international meeting of Partagas cigar lovers begins in Havana
today, confirming the strengthened position of Cuba’s Premium cigars in the
world market.

The 29th International Meeting for Clients and Friends of the Partagas Cigar
House will be held from today to Nov 18 – a private party which attracts smokers
from around the world.

Operated by Caracol Commercial Company, the Partagas Cigar House is a kind of
landmark, not only for those who come to Cuba to smoke cigars, but for lovers of
those cigars in the five continents. Celebrities such as Steven Spielberg have
visited the venue.

The director of the Partagas Cigar House, Grecia Quiñones, confirmed the
attendance of 350 businessmen, specialists, artists, collectors and other Cuban
cigar lovers, who come to try new features and enjoy a break.

The meeting brings together visitors from Australia, Austria, Brazil, the
Bahamas, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, China, Spain, and the United States (the
largest delegation).

Smokers from the Arab Emirates, Finland, France, Grand Cayman, Italy, Iran,
Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, United Kingdom, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, and
Venezuela are also attending the meeting.

Quiñones also stated that this time, participants will be welcomed at the Melia
Cohiba Hotel’s Habana-Cafe, with the presentation of a special cigar, the 2016
regional edition for Cuba.

Visit to farms, tours, conferences, the beach and tasting of special cigars, are
on the program, which already emulates, to a certain extent the Habano Festival
taking place every year in February attended by more than 1,000 people from 70
countries. – BERNAMA