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Chris Pratt Loves Braiding His Wife’s Hair

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THE 37-year-old actor Chris Pratt also revealed his mother-in-law showed him how to do a French braid when his wife Anna Farris’ hair started getting damaged from the styles she was using.

He told America’s InStyle magazine: “My sister taught me how to braid when we were younger. Then, I would braid Anna’s hair at night. It was a nice little ritual but her hair started breaking off at the top of the braid because she was sleeping on it. So Anna’s mom thought a French braid might distribute the pressure. She taught me when we were in Hawaii shooting ‘Jurassic World’.”

Chris also praised Anna, 39 the mother of his son Jack as “effortlessly stylish” but admitted he is less interested in fashion than she is.

He said: “She’s effortlessly stylish but when we met, I think she appreciated that I was a guy who wore, like, cargo shorts and a T-shirt from Cabela’s. That was my staple wardrobe for a really long time. Now I’m a little more aware of my choices. I don’t just passively have stylists put whatever they want on me. I pay attention.



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