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Chocolate Sliced Like Kraft’s Singles Are Now Available In Japan

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Let’s face it: everything is better pre-sliced. Pre-sliced bread, pre-sliced cheddar cheese and pre-sliced deli meat; is there anything that we can’t pre-cut?

Bring in the latest in factory-proportioned food: the chocolate slice.

Created by Japanese company Bourbon, the two-millimetre thin chocolate slices are a bit like a cross between Kraft cheese singles and Nutella spread – although Good Food understands Bourbon’s slices have a stronger flavour than standard milk-chocolate based products (each slice has an alcohol content of 1.3 per cent).

The slices can only be purchased from the company’s website in 12-pack bags for Â¥3240 (RM 113.53). Each pack contains five slices, so you’re looking at about RM1.90 per slice. Note the slices are currently sold out and, when they do become available again, you might need to be fluent in Japanese (or know someone that does) to navigate the online ordering system.




And of course, like Japanese themselves, the product is as multifaceted as it gets.

You can make shapes with it using a cookie cutter to decorate desserts, put it between the layer of a swiss roll, or simply place it on top of bread and microwave that ish for instant gratification.

If you’re inclined, the serving suggestions on its website include crepes, banana rolls and chocolate-layered crackers.

While we’re pretty sure the product will hit store internationally any time now following the increasing interest, but the alcohol content sadly makes it non-halal to be consumed by the Muslim community.

Maybe a halal knock-off is on its way? We’re crossing our fingers!







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