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Chinese Wife Says No Sex, Singaporean Man Files For Divorce

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SINGAPORE – A 69-year-old Singaporean has filed for a divorce, claiming he has not had sex with the Chinese woman after a year of marriage, reported China Press today.

The man, known only as Huang, is also claiming that the woman has refused to pay him rental for a room in his house that she is staying in with her daughter.

The woman in her 40s, had been renting the room from Huang for two years prior to the marriage.

He claimed that instead of sleeping with him, his wife continued to stay in the room with her daughter, so he wanted a divorce.

The woman, however, has refused to separate, saying her husband was a good man who always treated her and her daughter well.

She also claimed she had been taking care of Huang and questioned the need for her to pay rental as the house belonged to her husband.

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