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Chinese Villagers ‘Swear By’ This Animal Dropping Health Drink

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Drinking water containing animal droppings may not have any health benefits, but one thing’s for sure: people who swear by it aren’t in it just for the taste.

Villagers from Xiangtan in southern China’s Hunan province have taken to drinking home-made ‘excrement water’ because they believe it can cure serious illnesses – including cancer.

It’s a (by-) product that’s in desperate need of a catchier name, but it has nonetheless proved popular in the village, with more than 20 local households guzzling cups of the stuff for its purported ‘medicinal properties’.

Easy does it: A local man sorting out the sheep poo for ‘quality control’. (Image credit: Rex.)
Xiangtan lady roasting the manure,as if they were coffee beans. (Image credit: Rex.)

The Xiangtan residents collect fresh cow or sheep manure and then either dry it in the sun or cook it over a fire.

They grind up the finished product, mix it with water and drink it two times a day.

No one mentioned what the village smelled like as this process was carried out, but tourism is not a large part of the village’s economy.

The craze for drinking excrement water started when a woman called Ma was diagnosed with late phase lung cancer last January.

After her condition did not improve with regular hospital treatments, her son was turned on to the ‘magic’ prescription from a ‘skillful folk doctor’.

What is interesting, however, is that Ma claims to be in greatly improved health, and puts it all down to persistently drinking excrement water for eight months.

In an era when organic diet is becoming more and more fashionable, there’s no doubt this poo health tonic won’t be stocked on the Health sections’ shelves any time soon.MYNEWSHUB


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