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China Beggar Amputates Camel’s Limbs To Get More Money

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We’ve seen beggars using children or dogs as baits to lure sympathetic charity givers, but one man takes his panhandling to the very next level.

In Fuzhou, China, an alarming picture of a beggar bringing along a mutilated camel to ‘help’ with their begging have circulated online, eliciting the criticisms of many.



According to a report in Shanghaiist, when police arrived and investigated the incident, they found the camel had no hooves and wounds indicated they had been deliberately cut.

In another report by Fuzhou News, the cunning duo is said to reap hundreds of RMB in a two-hour ‘shift’.

The wild camel is one of the most endangered large mammals on the planet, and supposedly strictly protected by the Chinese government. There are only around 600 left in the Gobi Desert of northwest China, and 800 in the deserts of Mongolia.MYNEWSHUB


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