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Chimpanzee At Zoo Flings Feces At Grandma, Goes Viral

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Poor grandma.

People tend to joke a lot about chimpanzees throwing feces at zoogoers, but it became an unfortunate reality for one woman observing an animated chimpanzee over the weekend at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids.

A YouTube video posted Sunday by zookeeper Erin Vargo captured the entire incident. It started with the chimpanzee getting riled up by onlookers. Then, before you know it, it swings its right arm between its legs and underhands a fresh bowel movement toward the crowd, with one piece landing on a woman’s face.

Right on the nose.

“It got grandma!” one person exclaimed as the woman looked on in disbelief.

The video now has more than 166,000 views. Watch it for yourself (unless you’re the queasy type).

Given how unsanitary poop on your nose can be, we hope the woman is fine after that crappy incident (sorry, had to). – USA Today


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