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Chef Rinrin Marinka Brings Indonesia’s Streetfood Direct To Your Home

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She might be pint-sized, but boy, does she pack a punch!

Lively and full of zeal, Chef Rinrin Marinka of MasterChef Indonesia fame is one chef that exudes enthusiasm and passion in her cooking and that is evident in the cooking show, Food Maps, which she hosted that showcases delightful, little-known Indonesian streetfoods.

On Food Maps, Chef Rinrin introduces the audience to the unfamiliar cuisines sold on pushcarts and street vendors around Jakarta city with the help of local foodies.

The show is set to be aired on GOASEAN travel channel sometime this year.

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Rinrin started her culinary journey at a tender age of 7 when she discovered her true calling after she successfully whipped up a traditional Indonesian steamed kueh (cake) called bolu kukus.

She then enrolled in the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Sydney, Australia, graduating in French Cuisine and Pastry.

Mynewshub got the chance to catch up with this petite lady via e-mail correspondence, to know more about her craft: food.

1. Can you tell us a bit about your life at home?
Using my kitchen as my cooking lab.

2. Malaysia and Indonesia have very similar cultures. What are the differences between Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine?
The story behind the food, because overall Indonesia and Malaysia has the same root of food and ingredients.

3. Do you agree that food plays an important role in uniting people from various cultures and backgrounds?
YES! I totally agree!

4. What made you accepted the offer to host Food Maps?
Food Maps is a show for Indonesian traditional food and it purpose to promote Indonesian food to other countries. I really love and fully support this show because it will be in accordance with my mission, to bring Indonesian cuisine to the next level

5. What distinguishes you from other TV chefs?
It is difficult for me to tell my difference among other chefs, since we have the same passion, the same mission, and the same vision. But for me personally, I really want to educate people how to cook food easy, simple and delicious.

6. What draws your audience to you in particular?
My passion to food,I guess.

7. What are your hopes for the show?
Hopefully, with Food Maps, food lovers from across the region now can shift their attentions to Indonesian food, its culture and story behind the food.-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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