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Check Expiry Date Of Your Cosmetic Products!

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KUALA LUMPUR – Before applying your favourite lipstick or blusher on your cheeks, how many of us would take time to check the expiry date before we use them.

However, not many of us did that because most users have the nonchalant attitude without realising that we were actually exposing ourselves to various health risks such as skin problems and infections as the result of using expired cosmetic products.

Senior lecturer of Medicine and Dermatology, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Dr Kartini Farah Rahim said expired cosmetic products cannot be used because they could lead to skin irritation, skin allergy and bacterial infections, especially around the eyes.

“One of the worst case scenario of using expired cosmetic products is an eye infection that is inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis) and inflammation the outer layer of the eye (conjunctivitis), usually as a result of using expired eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

“The number of patients who came for treatment related to using expired cosmetic products has been increasing lately and most cases were easily treated as they came early for treatment,” she told Bernama recently.

Elaborating, Dr Kartini said there were also users who did not know how to look for the expiry date of the products.

Users should look for the expiry date via the ‘open jar’ such as ‘6M’, which means the product expires within six months after it is opened.

“They can also use the ‘see, smell, touch’ method and if it looks discoloured, the smell and texture changed, then the products shall not be used again.”

Dr Kartini believed many people were at risk as the awareness of adverse health effects of using expired cosmetic products was still low among consumers.

Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca) deputy president Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman said most people did not not realise that using expired cosmetic products would have adverse effects on them.

“Many think that only food items would carry an expiration date because it can affect one’s health and the expiry date for cosmetic products are seen as unimportant.

“We have received a lot of complaints about food items that do not carry expiry date but not much on cosmetic products which show the level of awareness is still very low among the consumers,” he added. – BERNAMA

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