Carrie Underwood Making More Effort With Marriage

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THE ‘Church Bells’ singer Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher are parents to 13-month-old Isaiah and she admits she and her spouse are “mindful” of making time for one another, rather than focusing all their attention and efforts on their son.

“Sometimes you have to make more of an effort to be with each other because it’s really easy to put all of your time and energy into your baby,” she said.

“It’s been not challenging, but just something that we’ve really just trying to be mindful of and try to make time for each other. We’re planning a vacation right now, we need it!” she added.

The 33 year old singer has truly learned what unconditional love is since becoming a mother.

“He’s the best thing. I never really knew what it was like to love something or someone unconditionally until I had him. He’s so sweet and so smart. He’s a little sponge just growing and learning every day. He’s just the best thing,” she told People magazine.

The former ‘American Idol’ star is amused that her son wants to imitate everything his parents do.

“He’ll hear you say something and then he’ll mock you. Right now he walks around the bus and he’s like ‘OK, OK.’ It’s adorable,” she shared.