Canadian Awarded $8 Million For Wrongful 27 Years In Jail

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OTTAWA – A Canadian man who spent 27 years in prison after a wrongful conviction for several rapes was awarded Can$8 million (RM25.37 million) Wednesday.

Ivan Henry, 69, sued after his conviction for 10 sexual assaults involving eight women between 1981 and 1982 were overturned in 2010.

In his ruling, British Columbia Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson said prosecutors had failed to disclose key evidence that had “seriously infringed on Mr. Henry’s right to a fair trial.”

“If Mr. Henry had received the disclosure to which he was entitled, the likely result would have been his acquittal at his 1983 trial,” he wrote.

The judge outlined a litany of evidence that had not been turned over to the defense such as witness statements and forensic evidence including fingerprints and tool marks found at the crime scenes.

As well, prosecutors failed to tell Henry that police believed another person was responsible for at least one of the assaults.

At trial, Henry represented himself and was convicted largely on what the judge described as weak eyewitness identification.

He was also declared a dangerous offender due to the depravity of the crimes, which allowed the state to keep him incarcerated indefinitely.

Decades later, another man fessed up to three of the assaults and went to prison, before dying a short time later. — AFP