Call In Venezuela To Counter Media Campaigns With The Truth

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CARACAS – The deputy minister for International Communication, William Castillo, called today to deploy a global campaign to explain the reality of Venezuela and counter the systematic attacks and criminalization of this South American nation.

In an interview granted to Venezolana de Televisión on Thursday, Castillo said that it is important to raise international public awareness of the true face of some sectors of the ultra-right that are promoting violence in the country.

He explained that these reactionary parties, in alliance with the US empire, seek to justify a foreign intervention that overthrows the legitimate government headed by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

‘There are many ways of understanding and expressing what we live -said Castillo-, what we cannot do is deceive people, lie to them, create news and false expectations by inoculating hatred against people. I think that’s the worst attack against the truth.’

He also denounced the media distortion of news agencies and social networks controlled by the great transnational corporations that use Venezuela for political purposes, to promote dissociation in people, aggression and political, economic and diplomatic siege.

In order to face these media campaigns, the deputy minister informed that the Venezuelan State initiated a political and diplomatic offensive abroad. -BERNAMA-NNN-PRENSA LATINA