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Cadbury Australia Reveals Limited-Edition Vegemite Flavoured Milk Chocolate

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We’ve tasted some gnarly chocolatey creations in our long lives (lemon-chilli pepper or chocolate-covered crickets,anyone?), but this all-new flavour combination had us off our socks. Introducing: the Vegemite dairy milk chocolate bar.

Developed by Cadbury Australia, the new flavour incorporates the rich,velvety milk chocolate with a smooth flowing caramel and Vegemite filling that will sure to both intrigue and ignite the senses.

For those who are clueless of what Vegemite actually is, it’s a yeast-based spread loved by Australians young and old for its salty,savoury taste.

The company believes that the new flavour would give Australians “something new and unexpected”.

“We’re sure it will stimulate Australians’ flavour curiosity so we encourage everyone to give the block a try while they can,” it said in a statement on the products, which will be only be available for a limited time.

Vegemite can be found in 70 percent of Australian homes.

The dark spread was invented by chemist Cyril Callister in 1922 when he was ordered to find a use for the used yeast being dumped by breweries.

The unusual flavour have already won fans, as presenters of the Australian talkshow The Project tested the chocolate bar and were instantly smitten by the taste, except for one panellist. Watch the clip by clicking this link.

The Vegemite chocolate bar is set to hit stores on 1st June, although the company hinted that it could fill the shelves sooner than expected, so keep your eyes peeled.-MYNEWSHUB.CC





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