Busted! Runaway Bride Who Married 13 Men Caught Up

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BANGKOK – After a nationwide hunt, the infamous runaway bride has finally been caught. Thai police caught up with her in Thailand’s Tambon Kratumlom, Samphran District earlier today.

The 32-year-old woman made international media headlines after she allegedly married a string of different men before running off with the dowry.

Police acted on five warrants to arrest Jariyaporn Buayai on old charges of fraud and embezzlement in five provinces before she married those men, Phuket News reports.

According to Harian Metro, eight men had earlier filed a report against Nammon or Jariyaporn Buayai and relayed that they put between 200,000 baht (RM25,611) to 500,000 baht (RM64,021) as the marriage dowry.

However Thai media reports indicate that at least thirteen jilted grooms have filed police reports. The victims filed complaints with the Crime Suppression Bureau in Bangkok on Tuesday, claiming they were defrauded of anywhere from Bt100,000 to Bt500,000 each, The Nation reports.

Thai police are now investigating if the woman, dubbed the ‘runaway bride’ had accomplices in the form of her parents in hiding and aiding her con job. Her parents Boonliang and Samrong Buayai will be brought in for questioning by the police.

One of the victims, Prasarn Tiamyam, shared with the local police authorities that his wife disappeared four days after their wedding.

But unfortunately, the 32-year-old realised he had been conned after he stumbled upon a Facebook posting that warned men to be wary of a woman who con men via marriage dowries.

“I met Nammon in February 2015 and married her nine months later after she claimed that she was pregnant.

“She disappeared four days after our wedding and quickly asked for a divorce on the grounds of miscarriage when she reappeared,” the victim recalled.

Another victim stated that he met Nammon via Facebook, who then proceeded to transfer 500,000 baht (RM64,021) worth of dowry to her bank account last February.

However, the alleged con-artist underlined that she refused to hold a wedding ceremony as a fortune teller informed her that this will be an unfortunate year to start a marriage.

Another victim, known as Wichit, said he got in touch with seven other victims of the woman’s fraudulent act and promptly filed a police report.

He also believed that the woman could have conned more men as reports indicated that she married five other men in August. – Malaysian Digest