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Burka-Wearing Thief Caught

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KUALA LUMPUR: Police have arrested a man who dressed in a black burka to steal women’s belongings at the female surau of a Bukit Bintang shopping mall.

He was nabbed at about 8.30pm on Thursday after an auxiliary policewoman noticed his shenanigans and arrested him after a brief scuffle.

It is learnt that while his lady victims were busy praying, the suspect had swiped a bizarre cache of valuables ranging from handbags, ATM cards and smartphones to spectacles and even a telekung.

He stashed the items in a brown handbag, which he hid under his burka.

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Zainol Samah said an auxiliary policewoman on duty outside the surau found the burka-ed “woman” somewhat odd.

The officer approached the suspect, identified herself as a policewoman and asked the suspect for “her” identification.

“But he didn’t do that, instead he ran. The policewoman and another officer chased after him and were involved in a struggle with the suspect. That was when the officer realised it was actually a man underneath the burka,” ACP Zainol said.

The officers managed to subdue the suspect, who sustained a cut on his forehead.

He was then taken to the Tun HS Lee police station.

ACP Zainol said officers seized a brown Coach handbag from the suspect and found several women’s belongings, which are believed to have been stolen from the surau.

Among the stolen items were ATM cards, RM846 in cash, a MyKad, a pair of spectacles, keys, an H&M bag and a white telekung.

“Actually theft cases at suraus are more common than you think. But this case, I really never heard of before. Who knows where he got the idea to dress like a woman and do that,” ACP Zainol said.


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