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Bullies Are Emotionally Weak People – Expert

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KUALA LUMPUR – Bullies, though physically strong, are emotionally weak people, according to Assoc Prof Dr Rozmi Ismail, president of the Malaysian Psychological Association.

He said they were unable to manage their emotions well and usually took it out on their victims.

“They find satisfaction in seeing their victims cry, scream, plead for help, humiliated by injury and so on,” he said.

Bernama spoke to Rozmi following a report yesterday stating that the Mahmud College in Padang Terap, Kuala Nerang, Kedah, had denied that any of its students were involved in a bullying case at its hostel.

The denial followed the circulation of a four-minute video on Facebook showing five students assaulting nine students in a hostel room, an act that was condemned by users of the social media.

Rozmi said that from the psychological viewpoint, bullying occurred when there existed superior and inferior groups.

“The superior groups are acknowledged for their recognition and influence, and they wield authority,” he said.

Those in these groups were never questioned about their actions, and they saw the inferior (minority) groups as being subservient to their commands.

“Those in the inferior groups understand that they must comply with the commands without objection as they feel they are weak and fear that fighting back will only worsen the situation,” he said.

Assoc Prof Dr Muhd Ali Hassan, chairman of the National Parent-Teacher Association Collaborative Council, said bullying would not be a problem if the family spirit existed among students.

“Students make up a huge family; brotherhood must be fostered among them to ensure that they respect one another,” he said.

As such, he said, schools would have to organise more activities that fostered brotherhood among students.

Chairman of the Terengganu Education, Science, Technology and Special Functions Committee, Ghazali Taib, said focus must be given to organising compact and regular activities to ensure that residential students made use of their time usefully.

This could help avert cases of bullying, he added.

“All quarters must work together to ensure that residential students are comfortable and live in harmony so that they can focus on their studies,” Ghazali said. – BERNAMA


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