Brother Yearns For Sister To ‘Come Home’

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GUA MUSANG – It has been five days since Sasa Sobrie’s remains were found near Sungai Perias here, but her younger brother still believes that she will return home and play with him again.

Isran, 4, whom their mother said was the closest to Sasa among the four siblings, had been calling Sasa’s name every time he woke up. “We told Isran that his sister is no longer with us.

“However, Isran has been asking where Sasa is and when she will come home, especially when he wakes up,” said their mother, Amek Alang. Amek, 27, lives with her husband and their three children in Kampung Gawin, 85km from the town here, while Sasa had been staying at SK Pos Tohoi’s hostel since she started schooling last year.

Sasa, 8, was her eldest child, followed by Isran, Norasikin, 2, and Andi, 9 months. Amek said every time Sasa returned, Isran would be the happiest. “They were very close. Whenever Sasa came home during school breaks, she would entertain Isran and play with him all the time.

“Isran would follow Sasa wherever she went, and Sasa happily allowed him to tag along. They were inseparable,” she said. The last time Isran saw his sister was in July, when Sasa returned to the village for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays.

Amek spoke to the New Straits Times after she was visited by the state Education Department director Ab Aziz Abdullah at a transit home in Kampung Tohoi here. Her daughter’s death had been a big blow for her, who broke down when reporters asked what Sasa was like.

Amek could only say: “Sasa budak yang manja. Sangat manja (Sasa was affectionate. Very affectionate),” before breaking down in tears. “Saya sayang anak saya.

Saya sayang anak saya, (I love my daughter),” she wailed, while an officer from the district Education Department hugged and comforted her. The remains of Sasa were found at the Sungai Perias riverbank 500m from her school on Wednesday, 46 days after she and six pupils went missing from SK Tohoi.

Amek said she immediately recognised the remains as soon as she saw the red strings she had put on Sasa’s ears (earrings). “I hope that we can claim Sasa’s remains as soon as possible, as we want to bring her back to our village and bury her there.”

Amek said she would not send her children to SK Tohoi, and she believed that a primary school should be built closer to their village. “I do not want something like this to happen again,” she said. – NST