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Brad Pitt Owes George Clooney A Gift

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BRAD Pitt still “owes” George Clooney a wedding gift. The ‘Fury’ actor missed his close friend’s recent wedding in Venice because he and spouse Angelina Jolie were shooting their new movie ‘By The Sea’, and he admits he still needs to make things up to his pal by sending a present for the ‘Monuments Men’ star and his new wife Amal.

Asked why he wasn’t at the wedding, he told ‘Access Hollywood’: “We were filming in Malta.

“[Did I send a gift?] I still owe him something.” In ‘Fury’, Brad plays tank commander Wardaddy and admits spending his days in the huge military vehicle wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

He told USA Today newspaper: “I’d get in the morning, not get out till wrap. Just send lunch up there.

“It’s just not made for man. There’s nothing ergonomical in a tank.” However, after a few days on set, the 50-year-old star was able to find a “comfort spot” inside the tank.

He explained: “But after a few days, you just find your little comfort spot. Right between the bolt and the turret ring, you’ve got this one little place to put your head, and this one little spot where your coffee won’t spill.” – Bernama


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