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Bomb Explosion Case At Movida Transferred To High Court

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PETALING JAYA – The Magistrate’s Court here today transferred the case of two men charged with committing terrorist act by throwing a hand grenade at an entertainment centre in Puchong last June to the Shah Alam High Court.

Magistrate Zaki Asyraf Zubir made the decision after he was informed by deputy public prosecutor Fazeedah Faik that the prosecution had obtained permission to transfer the case.

On July 25 this year, Imam Wahyudin Karjono, 20, from Puchong, Selangor, and Jonius Ondie @ Jahali, 24, from Sabah, were charged with committing the offence by hurling and exploding a hand grenade which used the “Fuze M213” fuse lever, causing eight people to be injured.

The act was intended to further an ideology and threaten public order in Malaysia.

The two men, who were unrepresented, were charged with committing the offence at Movida Boulevard Sdn Bhd, Lot G2 & G3, Ground Floor, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong, at 2 am last June 28.

They were charged under Section 130C(1)(b) of the Penal Code, which provides an imprisonment for up to 30 years and is liable to fine, if found guilty.

Imam Wahyudin was also charged with supporting the commission of a terrorist act by using an explosive, and action which was also intended to further an ideology and threaten public order in Malaysia.

The offence was allegedly committed through a Telegram application on his handphone at C-4-19, Block Cempaka, Jalan Indah 1, Puchong here, between March 25 and June 28 this year.

The charge, under Section 130J(1)(b) of the Penal Code, provides a life imprisonment, or a jail term of up to 30 years, or fine and liable to forfeiture of any property used in the commission of the offence, if found guilty.

For the second charge, the prosecution, however, had yet to obtain permission to transfer the case to the High Court.

The Magistrate’s Court set Dec 7 to mention the case.- BERNAMA


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