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Bolting Horse Does Highway Ostrich Run

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PETALING JAYA: A new trend seems to be taking place of late with runaway animals sprinting down highways as if to outshine one another.

In what appears to be a copycat attempt to emulate celebrity ostrich Chickaboo, a horse escaped, racing down a highway in Kelantan.

The dark-brown horse was seen galloping unbridled around Kota Baru yesterday morning, paying no heed to passing motorists.

Two videos, lasting less than a minute each, were uploaded on the Facebook account of Adli Alimin, amassing thousands of shares in a matter of hours.

According to Adli, he was on the way to his office at 10am when he came across the runaway steed.

“I was told the horse ran from Pasir Pekan in Wakaf Baru to Kubang Kerian for a good 45 minutes,” he said when contacted.

Describing the unusual sight as “pretty amazing”, Adli said the distance between the two locations was nearly 10km.

“The horse was galloping on the highway while several cars tailed it, causing traffic to slow down at the flyover from Pasir Pekan to Kota Baru.

“We had to be extra cautious as we didn’t know how it would react.

“It kept switching lanes; we were worried for its safety,” he added.

Adli believed the horse had escaped by accident and its owner was probably looking for it.

For now, it was still unclear as to how it made its getaway and ended up on the highway.

However, due to a number of horse stables located in Pasir Pekan, locals said the horse might have come from there.

Some have likened the incident as a copycat of sorts due to the feat of Chickaboo.

The ostrich shot to instant fame after making a daring escape, sprinting along the Federal Highway on Thursday, while being transported to a farm.

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