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Bobbi Brown’s Top Face Lifting Makeup Tricks for Mature Women

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It’s amazing what you can do with a little makeup. To diminish fine lines, brighten skin, and lift eyes, you just need to know the right techniques. I’ve worked with women who were thinking of getting work done—but didn’t, when they saw the difference the right products can make. Here are 5 things that really work.

1. Quench The Skin


Hydrating inside and out is the key to plumped-up, glowing skin. Dull, dehydrated skin can add years to your face. Always follow the age-old advice about drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. If you live in a dry climate, a humidifier is a smart investment too. On skin, layer two moisturizers. Start with a hydrating serum or face oil, and pat in a balm or richer cream moisturizer on top. You can also pair a moisturizer with a primer or blurring cream to make skin look smoother and more plump.

2. Spot Correcting



Dark spots, dark circles, and uneven skin can age you. The right shade of foundation and concealer can help. Start by applying a yellow-toned foundation to even-out skin tone and minimize discolouration.

3. It’s In The Eyes



Next, put the focus on your eyes, making them look lifted with a concealer that adds brightness underneath the eyes. Go one shade lighter with concealer and make sure to bring it all the way up to the lower lashline and in the outer corner of the eye.

4. Pinky Does It


Don’t underestimate what the right colours can do to make your face look more vibrant. Go with a lip color that is a bit brighter than your natural lip colour and pair it with a touch of gloss. Avoid matte lipcolor. On cheeks, a pop of bright pink or coral adds instant radiance.

5. Between The Lines


As you get older, you need to add more definition to your eyes. Eyeliner is key. Any type of liner will add the definition you need. Really black mascara will instantly make your eyes look more awake.

6. Brow Definition


Brows tend to fade in colour and thickness with age, so filling in your brows with a shade of powder that matches their natural colour will provide the perfect frame for your eyes to stand out. If your hair is grey, you may want your brows to be a little softer by choosing a taupe or soft grey brow powder.MYNEWSHUB.CC


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