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BN May Lose Its Majority Despite PAS Being On ‘Leave’

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Saturday night is the night to watch in Pengkalan Kubor state seat by-election where PAS is expected to drop a bombshell in its campaign as the party has been ‘absent’ the past three nights.

Trailing behind incumbent Barisan Nasional (BN), the party is expected to return with renewed vigor and better strategy in its attempt to grab the seat from BN which was lost in the past three general elections.

The stillness and calmness of the situation in Pengkalan Kubor is expected end on Saturday night as PAS is expected to go on a very big onslaught that will last until Wednesday, the polling day.

But for now and last night, BN is leading with its candidate Mat Razi Mat Ail and several federal ministers having a grand time meeting voters in the absence of challenger PAS campaigners and leaders.

The advantage is on BN for four days from Wednesday but the assault thus far does not seem to give positive results as many in the kampongs when met openly admit they are still with PAS candidate Wan Rosdi Wan Ibrahim.

Many local tourists from the state and Terengganu when asked read as the BN may get lower majority despite PAS ‘taking leave’ from campaigning to attend the party muktamar in Batu Pahat, Johor, for four days.

BN won the seat by some 1,700-plus votes in last year general election and this time around, the opposition party in PAS-ruled state of Kelantan is expected to poll lower majority by just about 1,000 votes, much less than before.

Local issues are practically non-existence as speakers from both sides of the political divide harped on Islamic teachings and principles, claiming one is better than the other in following them.

The last two nights saw PAS’s campaign posts along the kampongs and roadside are left unattended and in towns, the youngsters manning the posts played videos of party leaders projected on big screens speaking.

The scenario is calm and still as BN went around with their ceramahs nightly and events daily with VIPs who are federal ministers officiating and launching.

Posters and banners are now very visible with the rival parties hanging them above the cables of lamp posts and pitching them along the roadside side-by-side, a colourful array of blue BN and green PAS.

In short, the stage is set fully waiting with Mat Razi waiting patiently on one corner waiting for his challenger Wan Rosdi to enter the ring for the big match.MYNEWSHUB

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