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What BN Can Learn From Trump’s Election Triumph

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#The Trump Lesson

There is a lesson that BN can learn from Trump’s election victory. While Clinton’s handlers & backers were basking in the opinion polls & mainstream media’s predictions of ‘sure win’, Trump’s people were busy engaging with the common people/electorate. Clinton side were buoyed by the adulation & apple polishing of mainstream media carelessly let their guards down.

Political commentators especially from CNN were already discussing about Hilary’s presidency. Republican heavyweights too were distancing themselves from Trump. The only seeds of doubt came from Fox TV & other political minions. All these gave reasons & the motivation for the Trump people to work even harder to prove the rest wrong. The rest they say is history.

The useful lesson is there is a limit to what political rhetorics, writings & comments in the social media can accomplish during elections. Finally it all boils to hard work on the ground. In Malaysian politics, it’s called ‘turun padang’. This is what Govt leaders & politicians should be doing. Go down to the people & serve them without all the fanfare. The voters remember more when leaders make an effort to attend their son’s wedding than attending a big government sponsored do with leaders merely making token appearances & shaking their hands.

Trump was not expected to win. His people made sure he wins by working on the ground.

Sincerely – Masidi Manjun.-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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