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BM Division Chief Draws Support From Delegates With His Speech

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IF there is a winner of who among the speaking delegates gets the most support and cheers during his speech, it would have to be the colourful Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir from Penang.

The Bukit Mertajam division chief received rousing support from the floor when he demanded that party deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad stop their attacks on Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“Deputy president, we love you and respect you. Tun (Dr Mahathir), we love you and respect you too.

“But your attacks against the president have to stop. We are tired of the bickering.

“It used to be the leaders advising us but today, we want to advise you. Stop all these roadshows.

“Stop questioning 1MDB and speaking ill of the president,” he said to loud cheers.

The 65-year-old party veteran fondly known as Tok Nana also had this warning for Muhyiddin – continue criticising the president and party members would “whack” him in return.

“Don’t play the fool with us. Don’t make us call for a special meeting,” he said.

Musa said party members wanted to see the leaders reconcile, pointing out that Najib had said that even though he was hurt by the attacks against him, the president was willing to forgive.

Reminding Muhyiddin and the party’s three vice-presidents that their responsibility was to help Najib, he said that he expected them all to hug each other before the delegates as a gesture of reconciliation.

On Dr Mahathir, Musa, in urging the elder statesman to stop his attacks, said the former president had enjoyed the party’s backing during his leadership, even though there were decisions he made that members did not agree.

“You (Dr Mahathir) also had weaknesses. If you need to criticise, do it without condemning and humiliating our president. When you do that, it is like you are attacking us too,” he said.

He also told the delegates to stop questioning the RM2.6bil political fund, adding that all political parties would require funding.

“We need money for activities and we ask our leaders, including the president, for financial backing.

“It is his job to find money for the party but when we get the funding, why do we question him?

“Why do we question our president and not ask how other parties get their funding as well?” he asked.


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