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Bitter Wife Comes Face To Face With Husband’s Alleged Mistress; Beats Her Up

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Revenge is a dish best served cold but this woman definitely got her vengeance down flat.

The tudung-clad woman became an instant Internet sensation when she decided to take matters on her own hands: by whacking and slapping the alleged mistress senselessly at an open-air eatery, in plain view of the public.

In the 1 minute 21 seconds clip, the woman in pink shawl can be seen beating and shouting at the other woman, whom she thought to be her husband’s mistress.

While screaming,“Puas tak?Puas tak?” (Are you satisfied?Are you satisfied?), the alleged ‘other woman’ denied knowing that the guy she was seeing was married all along.

However, the scorned wife kept on attacking the Indonesian woman, claiming that she was the reason her marriage fell apart.

Meanwhile, the man made little to no attempt to interfere, probably amused by the fact that he was the reason of a scuffle between two females.

This was not the first wife-mistress beatdown unfortunately caught on camera.

In China, 38-year-old Li wss ambushed by four women as she walked home from the shops in the city of Puyang in eastern China’s Henan Province.

Punching and kicking her to the ground while she writhed in agony, her attackers then ripped her clothes off and continued the beating, pulling her hair and kicking her in the breasts and groin.

All this was recorded by an onlooker, who then distributed the clip online before it became viral worldwide.

In China, the incidence of “vigilante justice” is on the rise as more women are getting even with their husbands mistresses, according to Free Malaysia Today.MYNEWSHUB.CC



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