Bisik Pada Langit: Simple Film With Powerful Resonance

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KUALA LUMPUR – A simple film with powerful resonance best describes Kabir Bhatia’s Bisik Pada Langit, a welcome change from the current scenario, which tends to highlight gangsterism, Mat Rempit, love and comedy.

A story which revolves around a father’s unconditional love for his daughter, doesn’t usually get produced for the movies these days, but only made for TV dramas.

But what’s special about this movie which is based on the original idea of former entertainment journalist Saniboey Mohd Ismail, is it has been given a new perspective towards family issues based on Islamic principles.

Khabir Bhatia, who has directed Cinta (2006), Sepi (2008), drama series Nur Kasih (2011) and Dollar Superstar (2015), continues with his legacy by giving an impact on the audience with his latest work, Bisik Pada Langit, a tear-jerking movie that promises to touch our emotions.

The story is about Wak Selamat (Jalil Hamid) who receives news that his daughter, Siti Hajar (Ummi Nazeera), who is studying in Perth, Australia, has been involved in an accident.


Desperate to be by her side, Wak Selamat expresses his wish to visit his daughter. However, with no money to spare, arguments arise among the family members. His good intention unintentionally causes a rift within his family.

There is no doubt that the strength of Bisik Pada Langit also lies in its lead actor Jalil Hamid, who makes us emotionally involved in his pursuits to visit his daughter who lies in a coma after the accident, despite all odds.

Other heavyweights include Beto Kusyairi, who plays the role of Hajar’s brother Zaidi and Fadilah Mansor, as Wak Selamat’s wife.

Other actors include Erwin Dawson and Na´im Daniel.

The entire film dwells on strong family ties and emotional play which are bound to touch each and everyone’s heart. Certainly, a must-watch movie for the family.

As in many films, the soundtrack is the heart and soul of a movie, creating the mood and emotion. In Bisik Pada Langit, Akim & The Magistret rendered the song ‘Lygophobia’, a piece by Hang Nadim and lyrics by Laq.