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Big Hero 6 Celebrates Brotherly Love

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KUALA LUMPUR – In recent times, Disney has been promoting something that we do not typically see in its movies, celebrating love of a different kind, one that certainly will last until the last breath is drawn.

Set in a made up town of Fransokyo, Disney’s latest offering, Big Hero 6 tells a story about two orphaned and genius brothers and how their love brings peace and purpose for one another.

Hiro Hamada and his older brother Tadashi are both robotic prodigies, living under the care of their off beat aunt, Cass. The bond between these two brothers is reflected in the scene when the older Hamada, although finds that Hiro is wasting his great potential, agrees to send Hiro to his next Bot Fight.

Being a genius, Hiro finds no problem in beating opponent triple his size and age in these Bot Fights (robot fights) and win some serious cash in return. Hiro, on the other hand, seems nonchalant about his potential and feels that Tadashi, who is enrolled at the San Fransokyo University, is wasting his time at the ‘nerd school’.

In his attempt to encourage Hiro to continue his studies, Tadashi takes Hiro to his ‘nerd school’ lab and introduces him to his friends; Fred, GoGo Tomago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and their distinguished professor, Professor Callaghan.

After witnessing how ‘cool’ the nerd school is and after meeting Baymax, Tadashi’s robotic project, Hiro finally decides to enroll at the university, delighting his brother and Aunt Cass.

Baymax is an inflatable robot designed by Tadashi to be a health companion and help people. Hiro and Baymax form a strong relationship after the death of Tadashi in a fire that broke out minutes after Hiro impressed the audience and Professor Callaghan with his microbots project that becomes his ticket to San Fransokyo University.

Trying to avenge his big brother’s death, Hiro utilises his intellect and skill to modify Baymax’s functions and look in becoming more dangerous and deadly and hunt ‘the man in a kabuki mask’, whom he believes has something to do with Tadashi’s death.

The movie also emphasises the strong friendship that Tadashi has formed with his lab friends, Fred, the comic book freak (and son of a rich couple), Wasabi, the burly guy who is highly organised and painfully paranoid, Tomago, the liberated woman whose favourite war cry is “Woman up!” and Honey Lemon the cheerleader type with a special knack for science. Tadashi may be gone but his legacy and love remain with them and it is that love that makes them very protective of the 14 year-old Hiro.

Together, the six of them, including Baymax pursue the truth of Tadashi’s heroic death which unwittingly brings them to the villain behind the mask.

Big Hero 6 is definitely for everybody, children and adults alike. The one and a half hours spent watching the movie will pass by so quickly that makes you want to repeat the experience again and again. – Bernama


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