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Beyonce, Trump Among Top New Faces Americans Want To See On Mt. Rushmore

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Yellowstone has been voted America’s favourite national park, while the Grand Canyon the most beautiful. These are among some of the results of a national poll conducted by Expedia to help mark the centennial anniversary of the US National Park Service this year.

For the survey, the online travel website polled 1,039 American adults in February using Google Consumer Surveys.

Overall, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon were the most popular, with 27% naming Yellowstone the country’s favourite national park, followed by the Grand Canyon, with 20%.

When asked to name the most beautiful national park, the results were inverted, with the Grand Canyon taking the top spot followed by Yellowstone.

If given the chance to choose the next face of Mount Rushmore, the most popular pick was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who took 29% of the vote, followed by John F. Kennedy with 21%.

Martin Luther King Jr. was the top choice when respondents were asked to choose the one person – excluding presidents – whose name they would like to see engraved on the monument.

Mickey Mouse narrowly missed the top five spots coming in sixth after Donald Trump, while Beyonce ranked eighth.

Here are the results:

The top five favourite American national parks

1. Yellowstone 27%

2. Grand Canyon 20%

3. Great Smoky Mountains 18%

4. Rocky Mountain 16%

5. Yosemite 10%

Most beautiful national parks

1. Grand Canyon 25%

2. Yellowstone 21%

3. Yosemite 20%

4. Great Smoky Mountains 12%

5. Rocky Mountain 9%

New faces on Mount Rushmore

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt 29%

2. John F. Kennedy 21%

3. Ronald Reagan 19%

4. Barack Obama 9%5. Dwight Eisenhower 8%

6. Harry S. Truman 5%

7. William Clinton 4%

8. George H.W. Bush 3%

9. George W. Bush 2%

The top five non-presidential Mount Rushmore nominees

1. Martin Luther King, Jr. 11%

2. Benjamin Franklin 7%

3. Albert Einstein 3%

4. Jesus Christ 2%

5. Donald Trump 2%

– AFP Relaxnews


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