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Beware Of Hijackers Scheming Motorists By Flashing License Plates

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If your number plates are being flashed to you from another car, resist the urge to stop – they might be hijackers.

According to a WhatsApp text currently doing the rounds, hijackers are removing motorists’ number plates in an attempt to get them out of their cars.

They “stalk” motorists to a parking lot , wait for them to park and leave their car before removing the plates, the post says.

The hijackers wait for the victim to return, follow them on to the road and then overtake them while displaying the number plate at their window.

This makes the victim think they have lost the plate and that the hijackers want to give it back.

“Shocked that your number plate has fallen off your car, you bring your vehicle to a halt to get it from them. This is all they want you to do, and by the time you realise what has happened, it is too late – guns come out and they take the car.Maybe even take you and the car,” the text reads.

It warns motorists against stopping for anything, because their lives are more valuable than a number plate.

Think about what is happening before you react to it. Criminals are clever and cunning but are ruthless in getting what they want.

Tips for protecting yourself against hijackings:

  • Have your key on you, but not visible.
  • Inspect the outside and inside of the vehicle before unlocking. Check the tyres, number plates and the other side of the car.
  • Know your destination and directions to it, and be alert if you get lost.
  • Always drive with your windows closed and doors locked.
  • Make a mental note of any police stations in the area.
  • When stopping behind another vehicle, leave at least half-a-car’s length in front of your vehicle so you can make an emergency escape if necessary.
  • Never open your vehicle window or door for any stranger. If a suspicious-looking person is near your unoccupied vehicle, don’t approach it.

Car theft crime rate rises about 6% every year in Malaysia, and local cars, Proton and Perodua, continue to be the two most stolen cars in Malaysia. This is followed by Toyota and Honda cars. So buckle up for the tell-tale signs and be safe on the road.MYNEWSHUB



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