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China Man Buys 4WD Car With Sacks Of Coins

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BEIJING: A man from northern China bought a four-wheel drive car worth the equivalent of US$57,000 (RM254,818) with sacks of small change and tiny denomination notes, according to a newspaper report.

The largest bills the man used to pay for the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado were 1 yuan (RM0.65) notes and the smallest coins were worth one jiao, or a tenth of a yuan, the China Youth Daily reported.

The man was quoted as saying that the bags of change were so heavy that he blew a tyre as he was driving to the dealership in Zhengzhou in Henan province.

The dealer got four members of staff to count the money and it took 12 hours to complete the task, according to the article.

“My hands are still twitching,” one employee was quoted as saying.

The buyer of the car valued at 400,000 yuan (RM258,548) runs a flour shop and the cash came from customers at his business.

He tried other car dealers to make his purchase, but they refused to accept the change as payment.

Banks also refused to change the coins and small notes for bigger bills.

It is not the first time he has bought a car with small change.

He previously bought a vehicle with 480,000 yuan (RM310,258) in coins, according to the article. – South China Morning Post


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