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Beauty Underdog: The 5 Amazing Things Flax Seed Oil Can Do To Your Skin

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Most of us know flax seeds and flax oil are great for our health, but we tend to forget about all the beauty benefits of flax oil. Flax oil originated in Greece and has been used for years as a beauty aid. Flax is actually higher in omega 3s than fish, so it’s a wonderful anti-inflammatory food. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants and lignans, two especially wonderful properties that make flax a great beauty aid.

A word of advice though: Flaxseed oil can get rancid very soon once the bottle is opened. So always buy it in small quantities and refrigerate the oil after opening it.

1. Cleansing.

Since the oil helps in thinning sebum and unclogging pores, the best way to use it is for cleansing. Steam your face to open up the pores. Now massage a few drops of the oil on the skin in circular motions. Cover your face with a warm towel for a minute. Now wipe off the oil from the skin with a cotton ball. This oil-cleansing method will help cleanse your face and keep your pores clean.

2. Massage

Take a few drops of flaxseed oil and mix it with your favourite essential oil. Massage it well on the skin in the night. This will help tone the skin up. In fact, you can skip your night cream if you use this. The oil will help rejuvenate your skin while you get your night’s sleep. Your skin will be smoother and softer with regular use.

3. Moisturizer

You can smooth on some flaxseed oil on the skin soon after your bath. This will help lock in the moisture in the skin and will keep it soft and supple. It is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which help in keeping the skin tone even. Being the good fats that they are, the omega-3 fatty acids add the requisite amount of moisture to the skin, without making it too oily. Regular use can delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles in the face.

4. Post Sun Care

Rub some flaxseed oil on the skin after you get back from an outing in the sun to soothe the skin. Flaxseeds have for long been consumed to reduce inflammation in the body. The same way, the oil can bring down inflammation in the skin. You can use it to treat rashes and eczema and also apply it on acne affected areas.

5. Body Scrub

You can replace coconut oil or olive oil in our DIY Body scrub recipes with flaxseed oil to get glowing skin.MYNEWSHUB



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