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Beauty Trend: Women Are Rubbing Garlic All Over Their Faces

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A new beauty trend, which sees women rubbing cloves of garlic all over their face, has taken the Internet by storm. And despite it’s apparent success as a miracle spot treatment method, we can’t say it’s a fad we’re willing to jump on board with anytime soon.

Although, if we do wake up with the mother of all spots on our chin and are in a frantic “We will try anything!!’ mode, we may secretly give this a go.

It’s definitely more discreet than walking around the house with toothpaste smeared all over our face. However, it is a whole lot stinker.

It’s the brainchild of beauty blogger Farah D, who uploaded a video tutorial to show how garlic really can make any whitehead vanish – basically immediately.

All you need to do is unpeel a clove of garlic and then apply it to the spot as if it was a normal spot cream.

It sounds icky and might send your gag reflexes into overdrive but it’s actually an age-old DIY beauty treatment. Other similar methods include an egg white face mask and using a combo of baking soda and vinegar to help skin clear up – and compared with those, garlic doesn’t seem so bad.

It’s just a shame it’s so stinky.


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