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“‘Baseless Reports’ Hurt My Reputation”: Shila Amzah

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Local singer Shila Amzah, who is also building an international career in China, has denied reports stating that her Malaysian concert was sponsored by the country’s largest gambling corporation.

In a press conference held in Mega Music World here today, a visibly upset Shila told reporters the “baseless” report has hurt her and her family who hold true to the teachings of Islam.

“The slanderous statement has hurt my reputation as a Muslim and as someone who wears a headscarf.

“I am carrying Malaysia’s name everywhere I go and I did this sincerely without any expectation or financial support from anyone.”

Shila said she made time to be in the country despite her busy schedule, to clear the tension caused by the news reports, especially the ones published by a local Malay daily.

“It upsets me to see my mother crying, especially since she and my father have been so kind and so supportive of my career.

“I’m sorry but I cannot forgive the reporters and the news agencies who have carelessly published a slanderous statement as facts. I think everyone who has a family will understand the pain the statement has caused my family.”

The statement was published by a Malay daily following the uproar caused by Shila’s Instagram post which stated that the Malay newspapers are more interested in publishing stories about her personal life, rather than her career achievements.

The post was made through a fan’s observation whereby more Chinese press had covered Shila’s concert than the Malay press.

To this Shila said the statement was not posted by her but was a repost of the opinions posted by one of her fans.

“When I read the post, I realise that it was just a question voiced out by a concerned fan. It was a question of which I too have wondered about and I felt that it makes sense, so I reposted it.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal as many other artistes have reposted what their fans said about them and their career.”

She said as someone who is younger, she can apologise if her action has upset some reporters, however, she felt that the writers were immature.

“These reporters relied on the opinions of other local artistes who don’t even know me. That is immature.

“If you can’t write something nice, you better not write anything about me at all.”

Several local news agencies have claimed that they did not cover Shila’s concert as no invitation was forwarded to them.

The concert organisers who were also present at the press conference dismissed the claim and said they have e-mailed the invitations to all local media, including Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia.

“A few days before the concert, we called each news agency to find out if they received our e-mail and to confirm their attendance.

“So I do not know how they can say that they received no invitation from us,” said a spokesman for Mega Ultimate.-The Rakyat Post


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