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Bank Negara Should Investigate, Freeze Assets And Accounts Of Bersih Organisers

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SHAH ALAM – Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) should investigate and freeze all assets and accounts, including personal ones owned by Bersih rally organisers as they may have been used to store the group’s funds, says Confederation of Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs) Malaysia chairman Datuk Jamal Md Yunos.
He said the move was important following the disclosure of information by DC Leaks linking the role of a foreign group chaired by billionaire George Soros chanelling funds amounting to RM3.2 billion to fund the Bersih movement and several other local organisations to topple the current leadership since 2010.

“The information leak by DC Leaks sheds some light on why Bersih has no financial problems. Personally, I have sources and credible evidence showing in more detail how Bersih is funded by Soros.

“I urge the organisers of Bersih to provide (information) from where they received the huge amount of funds, because we know Soros has his own interests in this country,” he told Bernama.

Jamal said the freezing of Bersih’s accounts and assets might be able to stop the much-touted Bersih rally from being held.

He said the move to pay RM100, and the distribution of free food and yellow Bersih t-shirts to each participant by the organisers showed they were only ‘sweet-talking’ the rakyat for political interests to wreak havoc on the existing government.

He urged the authorities, particularly the police to investigate the issue as inciting the people through the Bersih rally would affect the country’s security.

According to media reports today, DC Leaks revealed documents linking Soros to funding Bersih, Merdeka Center and Malaysikini in the name of ‘free and fair’ elections in Malaysia. – BERNAMA

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