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BAM In No Rush To Replace Morten Frost

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KUALA LUMPUR- The BA of Malaysia (BAM) are in no rush to replace technical director Morten Frost, after accepting the latter’s sudden resignation on Monday.

In fact, a new structure – where all five head coaches report directly to the Coaching and Training (C&T) committee – was agreed upon at the committee’s meeting here at the Academy Badminton Malaysia (ABM).

BAM president Datuk Seri Norza Zakaria, who is also C&T chairman, made the announcement, saying the Dane chose to leave on his own, citing personal reasons as the justification behind his shocking decision.

Frost, who is leaving the national body for the second time – after having an earlier stint in the late 1990s – was hired in 2015 by the Sports Ministry and has a contract that runs until 2020.

“At the moment, we are not looking into hiring a new technical director following the departure of Morten Frost.

“The five head coaches (men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles) will report directly to the C&T.

“Our general manager Michelle Chai will take over Frost’s role in providing support service. Logistics and players’ tournament management will be handled by her.

“I think what is important is for the players and coaches to understand that the honeymoon is over as from now on, everyone must be held accountable and responsible.

“We have also come up with a renewed reward incentive that is based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI),” said Norza.

When asked if there were other reasons behind Frost’s resignation, Norza added: “I don’t think so. I think he did well with helping us win three silver medals at the Rio Olympic Games last year, we had men’s doubles Goh V Shem-Tan Wee Kiong, so we are thankful and we wish him all the best in his future undertakings.

“As I said earlier, he cited personal reasons. The C&T has accepted his resignation after our meeting here today, and Michelle will discus the finer details with Morten to make it a friendly and ammicable separation.”

Following a successful 2016, Frost suffered a series of disappointing results this year namely at the World Championships in Glasgow, the Kuala Lumpur Sea Games (KL2017) last month and the Sudirman Cup in Gold Coast, Australia earlier in May.

On whether Frost’s target to win the Thomas Cup – as stated in BAM’s blueprint for the year 2017-2020 – would still materialise, Norza said:

“We will work towards it. It was his document, so we will see what we can do, but we defitely will work towards it.”

The BAM, could possibly issue a huge payout to Frost, who was said to have been earning as estimated US$20,000 (approximately RM84,000) a month. -NST

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