Bali Police Close In On Malaysian And Australian Fugitives

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PETALING JAYA: Bali police have said they know the whereabouts of Malaysian fugitive Tee Kok King and his fellow jail breaker Shaun Edward Davidson from Australia.

Police Chief Petrus Reinhard Golose said yesterday the authorities have identified the hideouts of the two prisoners who broke out of Kerobokan prison on June 19 with two others.

Bulgarian ATM scammer Dimitir Nikolon Ilev and Indian drug smuggler Sayed Muhammad Said were arrested in Timor Leste’s capital Dili on June 22 and have since been returned to Bali.

The pair had flown from Bali to an island near Timor Leste and then gone by boat. They were arrested at the harbour while attempting to get another boat.

“We have interrogated some people and will do a re-enactment in the near future, how they escaped. We have also interrogated some prison guards, the travel agent, the perpetrator who helped them. We have interrogated more than 20 witnesses,” Golose was quoted by The Courier Mail as saying.

“There is a new suspect. Later, I will explain about it after we conduct the re-enactment.”

The four broke out of the prison by crawling through a 15metre-long tunnel that led from the inside of the jail to just outside its wall. The tunnel was said to have been used by prisoners to conduct drug transactions.

The 33-year-old Australian fugitive had been taunting the authorities with Facebook posts that suggested he was travelling around the world.

Golose said it wasn’t Davidson but others who were updating the Facebook page, that claimed he had been in Amsterdam, Germany and Dubai since his escape.

“It is other people (updating the Facebook),” Golose said.

Tee, 50, was nabbed in January last year for smuggling syabu and was sentenced to seven years jail.