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Bad Press For Photos Of Uqasha Senrose’s Dress; Hugging Syafiq Kyle

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Budding actress Uqasha Senrose may have made a commitment of donning the hijab last year, but her latest appearance had fans wagging their tongues at full speed.

Her outfit for Anugerah Meletop Era (AME) 2015 last Sunday was deemed by netizens as “too tight” and “did not do justice for a Muslim woman” on her Instagram. Ouch, that’s harsh.


Fans further disapprove of the powder blue dress, courtesy of Railey’s Official and designed by Uqasha’s BFF Puteri Railey, because it showed off her curves and left her chest uncovered. Though the gown is a turtle neck and has a cape, pretty Uqasha’s decision of pairing it with a black turban did not sit well with fans either.



Perhaps annoyed by the criticisms, the 23-year-old reacted to her haters with sarcastic hashtags of ‘#taksukatakpayahlike’ (if you hate it, don’t ‘like’ it), ‘#unfollowpuntakpe’ (you can unfollow me if you like) and quite abruptly, ‘#sayasayangfanssaya’ (I love my fans). So hormonal.

But that’s not the only stick that gets stuck up the netizens’ rear ends.

Uqasha furthered launched a hate campaign for uploading a picture of her and rumoured boyfriend Syafiq Kyle packing on the PDA by seemingly resting their arms on each other’s waists.

The pair have been the subject of controversy when word of their  inappropriate shenanigans at the filming set contradicted with Uqasha’s demure new look.

Maybe it’s time for Uqasha to grow up and be more cautious of the religious and cultural sensitivities adhered by the Malays in the country if she chose to be a force to reckon with in the local entertainment industry.-MYNEWSHUB.CC



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