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“Babylights”– The Hairstyling World’s New Buzzword

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Back in the day, highlights were highlights—end of story. Not anymore. These days, top colorists offer everything from splashlights (a sharp flash of laser-like blond) to sombré (subtle ombré). But the new It color is the one you had back when you were learning to crawl.

As Refinery29 reports, colourist Jack Howard of London’s Neville Hair & Beauty Salon has dubbed his super-fine highlights “babylights.” The effect is meant to be multidimensional, radiant, and natural-looking—basically, the hair colour you had when you were a little one.

For blondes in particular, the effect is dazzling. Witness the coifs of models Karlie Kloss and Dominika Grnova, two of Howard’s clients,they’re ethereal!

The process is simple, but it’s time-consuming: Howard separates hair into tiny sections, then applies colour to groups of strands for more than an hour. No, it’s not exactly a new technique, but until now, there hasn’t been a one-word term for it.

By the way, a lot of style watchers are impressed by Howard’s branding skills; he’s also the guy who dreamed up “French Brown.”

With any luck, “babylights” will become shorthand for born-with-it colour, giving us an easier way to communicate with our stylists. Need to get official babylights for yourself? A session with Howard starts at £340 (approximately RM1784!)—plus airfare to London, of course.MYNEWSHUB


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