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Azwan Ali Says A ‘Soft’ Male,Named ‘J’ Casted Voodoo Spells On Him

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Flamboyant emcee and TV personality Azwan Ali may be one of the most popular faces in Malaysian entertainment industry for over 20 years, but it doesn’t seem like everybody’s happy with his showbiz success.

In a shocking interview with TV3’s Melodi, the 47-year-old revealed that he was ailing from severe leg pain, purportedly caused by voodoo!

He called out the guilty-party who was responsible in casting a hex on him–which he insisted was an effeminate male called ‘J’– on national TV. Because he can.


If that wasn’t enough, he even taunted the hexer to his 69,200 Instagram followers!

And to this mystery ‘J’ character, Azwan has this to say: “I hope you’ll reflect yourself. God have tested you with endless tribulations, but did you ever asked yourself why?

“I have been to the Holy Mecca a few times. Previously, there were strange, supernatural snakes lurking in my home, so I had to seek treatment in an alternative medication centre,” he proclaimed.


Adding that he couldn’t care less being mocked and ridiculed by the public, Azwan said he believed in the power of God.

“Don’t ask me how I found out who did this to me. With the grace of God, the truth was revealed to me. The celebrity in question is a ‘feminine male’, who was supposedly multitalented. I have no idea what was wrong with him to put cast an evil spell on me, which in turn badly affected my leg.”

But who would do such a thing to the whimsical Azwan Ali? According to him, he’s keeping mum on the identity of the wrongdoer for the sake of his career.

“Let it be a secret that only God and I knows. I know better that his career would be in shambles if I reveal who he was,” furthered Azwan, who is currently performing umrah.-MYNEWSHUB

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