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Azwan Ali Lets All Hell Break Loose In An Instagram Broil With Fan

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KUALA LUMPUR: Perhaps irked by his waning popularity, former TV host Azwan Ali, in his latest controversy, has become the laughing stock of the Internet after he mistook a fan’s well-meaning question as an insult on Instagram.

The celebrity, who offers COD (cash on delivery) services around the Ampang area for clients of his rendang business, went ballistic when one of his followers,@sitijuha, asked,”…jb takde ke…” (“None in JB?”)

Obviously confused by the question, Azwan reacted by bluntly insulting her without knowing that he had mistaken the abbreviation for a short form of ‘job’ instead of the city of Johor Bahru.

“Takde job kepala bapak ko sundal! Jawab arr kimak anjing!” (No job your father’s head bitch! Answer me you cunthole dog!”


The misunderstanding soon made waves around the Web as Azwan’s boorish behaviour was posted on every entertainment blogs for everyone to point and laugh at.

This wasn’t the first time time the 49-year-old ex-TV host went full retard on a fan on social media.

On June 26th this year, he got into a nasty tiff with another fan after he was misguided by her reply.

“Slm. Nak steak la today! Cari cafe yang tak sesak melayu jebawok! Any ideas?” (“Greetings. I want to have some steak today. Looking for a “great” place. Any ideas?”) he posted on his Twitter account.

His tweet gained the response of one of his followers, @NurAziraWA, who replied “menate” followed by an emoji signalling “okay”.

Misconstrued by “menate”, which means ‘animals’ in the Kelantanese dialect, Azwan then barked at Nur Azira for likening him to a creature.

The offended fan then simply commented that she was referring to a restaurant called “menate” and did not mean any disrespect.

“I meant the steak house menate.”

Me’nate Steak Hub is an eatery specialising in halal Western cuisine located in Ampang.

Azwan’s over-the-top antics and impudent choice of words have caused his image to be much ridiculed by his followers.

Though he has gone to perform the Islamic minor pilgrimage of Umra’ a whopping eight times before, it seems like his actions won’t get much improvements any time soon.

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