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Azwan Ali Declines To Comment On Brother’s MB Appointment

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Always the one who was vocal and quick to call a spade as it is, flamboyant television host Azwan Ali made a rare move by keeping his mouth shut and rejected interviews concerning state of Selangor’s newest Mentri Besar,Azmin Ali.

This time around, the self-proclaimed ‘diva’ has set his foot down and refused to make any comments regarding his elder brother’s appointment.

A thorough scouring of Azwan’s Twitter account confirms that the TV presenter did not want to be a part of the state’s political turmoil. He even revealed that he declined interview requests from left-wing news portal, Malaysian Digest.






His reaction towards the sudden media frenzy was a far cry from what he portrayed just a few short months ago.

In an interview sometime in May, Azwan famously stood by in defence of his brother, who was running for PKR’s Vice President post at the time.

Lashing back at the critics questioning his no-show in most of the party’s rallies, Azwan stated: “Azwan Ali was never seen during any of PKR’s campaigns? Who cares? It is in utmost confidence that YB Azmin Ali will victor the polls.”

However, in latest development, Azwan tweeted yesterday that he had just got off from a lengthy exclusive interview with Malay daily Sinar Harian, possibly addressing his views on Azmin’s new important role.

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As it is not in Azwan’s nature to keep his mouth shut for a long period of time, we half-expected this ‘tell-all’ to come to fruition any time now.

Known for making politically-incorrect remarks, the dark-sunglasses toting celebrity returned to the spotlight with his latest post on Twitter, on his thought about who will be the next Selangor Menteri Besar.

Previously,Azwan famously quoted he does not care who wil lbe chosen as the state’s Menteri Besar.

People who have accused him of being disappointed because his brother, Azmin Ali was not chosen by Pakatan Rakyat, are ‘useless’, he opined.MYNEWSHUB/Text: SARA KHALID






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