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Azmin’s Problem Has Just Begun

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All eyes are on the new Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali as the public and in particular Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) members watch his ‘body language’ and scrutinise his statements for anything that can be made into issues.

Negative or positive, Azmin’s actions the past two weeks have been scrutinised as they read and interpret whether he is on a witch hunt – exacting revenge against arch-rival Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim or he is truly Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s puppet.

Thus far, Azmin has not shown any of his actions contained any element that he is taking any revenge against the former Menteri Besar or is following Anwar’s directives.

The past two weeks saw him busy doing the actual Menteri Besar work, not distracted by Anwar’s statements what needed to be reviewed and what needed to be done.

And thus far, Azmin has yet to table what he plans to do for the people in Selangor in solving their problems under Khalid’s administration.

In short, he has yet to table his own blue-print on further developing the state and make the life of Selangorians more comfortable.

Azmin seems to be doing a ‘balancing act’ so as not to be seen as revenging against Khalid nor seen as Anwar’s puppet by taking orders and doing exactly as being told.

What he has done was undo what Khalid had done reviewing the increase in allowances for Menteri Besar, executive councillors and Assembly Speaker and Deputy Speaker with the view to cancel the increase and revert to the old allowances.

The increase in allowances issue was a big thing at the end of last year as the public were against the high increases and Azmin was one of the assemblyman in the state that was against it.

Besides that Azmin said he would look into reviewing the water agreement deal with the Federal Government and demand a full disclosure of the deal.

Azmin also said that Anwar was not expelled from his position as the state economic advisor, citing the advisor’s office was only shut down by Khalid on his last day in office but he did not expel Anwar.

Which literally means Anwar is still the state’s economic advisor as far as Azmin is concern.

If anything that could point to him taking ‘revenge’ was when he reduced the number of excos from PAS – from four to three – which many saw as ‘driving a wedge’ in the sour relationship between the PAS and its partners in Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

PAS relationship with DAP and PKR has soured so much so that the middle-rung leaders of both parties have been calling for the Islamist party to leave the pact and with Azmin’s action, PAS seems to be hurt deeper.

While Azmin walk the tightrope, all eyes watch which way he will drop because he cannot keep being cautious because along the way he will surely drop – the only question is which way.

After all, he job as Menteri Besar has just begun.MYNEWSHUB

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