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Azmin Will Not Stop Chasing Khalid

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The ‘war’ between Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin and his predecessor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim does not seem to end until the latter is probably ‘under lock and sealed.’

Despite Khalid remaining only as an Independent assemblyman for Port Klang and MP for Bandar Tun Razak, Azmin does not seem to loosen up on his chase for Khalid to be punished for any wrongdoing during his tenure as Menteri Besar.

The current case where Selcat found Khalid did not follow procedure in compensating his eight staff amounting to RM2.1 million is not expected to fizzle until Khalid is brought to court.

Azmin may play dump citing he is just doing his job as needed by his excos and party leaders but the reality is, by coincident or on purpose, he loves the pressure for him to act on Khalid’s misdemeanour or wrong doing.

It is just like ‘taking revenge’ on whatever Khalid had done wrong or treated him badly when both were grappling for the Menteri Besar’s post and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) deputy president post but on the pretext of ‘doing my job as expected by all.”

At the present moment, no one can accuse him of vendetta when he is only acting under the directive in accordance of the law as well as pressure or the wishes of the assemblymen who, having the same mind as him, to investigate and act against Khalid.

Khalid had thought, after leaving PKR and relinquished his Menteri Besar post, he would have nothing to do with PKR and the state government and he could just continue to serve his two constituencies until next general election when he would not contest anymore.

His aides had said Khalid would not contest any seat when the next general election comes and he would just continue to serve the two constituencies with a peace of mind as he did not want to be involved in politics anymore.

But with Azmin still on his back, Khalid’s dream of ‘peace of mind’ may not come true as the ‘digging and chasing’ do not seems to end without him being punished, no matter how light that would be.

In fact, Khalid has yet to fully ‘immerse’ himself in the two constituencies as he has not personally gone down to every nook and corner of the areas to look into the problems of the constituents.

Khalid’s performance as MP and assemblyman has yet to come under scrutiny as he was the Menteri Besar and whatever weaknesses or setbacks were forgotten as the constituents took it as he was a very busy man when he was the Menteri Besar.

However, now that he has stepped down, many began to complain about his presence to see by himself the problems the people faced.

Azmin and Khalid has been at ‘war’ since before the 2008 general election and Khalid had attempted to unseat Azmin as the party deputy chief in the party election in September but failed.

Whether the ending of the feud is near or still far away, one thing is sure – Azmin and gang will not rest easy until Khalid is ‘locked and sealed’.MYNEWSHUB

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